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Where there is an owl

I've had a passion for painting since my early years. Unlike stress-inducing activities, painting has always brought me joy. After completing my university studies, I pursued a career as a graphic designer, spending over a decade working tirelessly to meet deadlines and constantly facing computer screens. Feeling exhausted by this lifestyle, I decided to step away, returning to my brushes once again.

One day, as I sat on a beach beneath a tree, no apples fell, but a rock beneath the tree captured my interest. It was a small, unassuming grey rock, easily overlooked by anyone else, but in my mind, an owl took shape. Bringing it home, I began to paint this little creature. Upon completion, I presented it to my wife as a birthday gift, and she adored it. From that moment, my confidence in painting grew, and I haven't stopped since. Just as Newton discovered the Law of Gravitation under a tree, I found my Unique Stone.

Since then, I've created paintings of various animals on an array of rocks. These little stones come in diverse shapes, whether regular or irregular, and are all naturally formed. They serve as my inspiration, and I bring them to life through my imagination. From cats, dogs, koalas, penguins, pandas, guinea pigs, owls to lions, tigers and dragons – I paint them all. Whether you want to gift them to friends on any occasion or simply use them to keep your papers or notes in place on your desk, these painted rocks add a touch of charm.

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